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About Diaspore

  • Diaspore gemstones are known for their color-changing habit. In daylight or fluorescent lighting, its color is a light yellowish-green to light olive green.
  • Zultanite mineral name “Diaspore”, comes from the Greek word “diaspora”, meaning “to spread”.While Diaspore was discovered in Mramorskoi, Kossoibrod, Ural Mountains, Russia in 1801,
  • Diaspore gemstones can be large and still visibly flawless
  • When Diaspore is heated to high temperatures it move to disintegrate and scatter small pearly scales about.





  • Some people believe Diaspore can support in the development of psychic power, starlike force, ambition, intellect, desire and emotions based on intellect and touch.
  • Diaspore crystals can sometimes exist in different colors when viewed from different angles. This is a physical representation of one of the other aspects of its energy of adaptability.
  • Diaspore activate area of the mind which enhance one’s ability to see different points of view on all issues and ideas. Because of this, Zultanite is an attractive tool for engineers, mediators, scientific researchers, therapists, doctors and others who need to bring a fresh, multidimensional frame of mind to each new situation.



Healing Properties

  • In meditation, Zultanite helps one find and maintain the state of ‘beginners mind’ the attitude of openness and acceptance, unclouded by beliefs that one already knows what to expect.



  • Diaspore is carved into all different types of cuts for jewelry use, and it is used in rings, earrings, and necklace pendants.




  • The only commercial source of Diaspore gemstones is the Bauxite near Pinarcik, in Mugla, Turkey.


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