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About Kyanite
  • Moldavite is a very limited and precious stone. It is “The Emerald” that fell from the sky.
  • It exists only in a small area of the Czech Republic.
  • The stone is said to bring about great transformation, both on a personal and spiritual level.
  • These natural green crystals are powerful stones for conversion
  • This highly treasured stone is widely affective in metaphysical practice. Moldavite accelerates one’s spiritual path.


  • One of its best property is that it is a protective stone, and especially if you are working on developing psychic abilities. For powerful effect in meditation use moldavite stone
  • Moldavite harmonizes well with many gemstones, but is particularly strong with amethyst, citrine, tanzanite, charoite and larimar…it is told that moldavite will supercharge and spiritualize the energies of whatever stones one uses with it.
  • Since meditation with Moldavite raises the consciousness to the highest spiritual dimension


Healing Properties
  • Moldavite Helps to Clears blockages
  • Activate the intelligence of the heart
  • Helps to isolate physical health issues
  • Makes dreams more vivid and meaningful
  • Increases co-incidence
  • It has direct boost to promoting new cell growth, hair loss and fertility issues.
  • Moldavite can be worn in jewelry and are also quite useful unset, place on the body or held during meditation.


  • High-quality moldavite stones are often used in hand-crafted jewellery and thus enter the market away from mainstream jewellery fashions, more centered around art and craft, and as such have gained an almost cult status.



    is found around the Bohemian Plateau in the Czech Republic, and is believed to be the result of an ancient meteorite impact.


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