COLOR : pink, violet, green,yellow




ZODIAC SIGN : Leo/Scorpio


About Kunzite

  • Kunzite was discovered at the Pala Chief Mine near San Diego, California and named after gemologist GF Kunz, who first described in the twentieth century. Kunzite is an unusual, and rare, stone.
  • Kunzite is a charmingly beautiful crystal, geniune in energy and heartening in nature.
  • Kunzite is an unusual, and rarely found stone.
  • In ghastly pink to light violet hues, kunzite stone forecast Emotion, open and connect the heart to the mind and arouse a healing alliance between the two.
  • Kunzite encourages one to release walls built around the heart for protection, and to be receptive to the experience of unconditional and abundant love.
  • Pink Kunzite respect love affairs is consider to give positive results.when this stone is gifted to the beloved one’s it is considered to be beneficial for the relationship. It prevents love affairs from getting bitter and makes a person patient and calm.
  • Another name for Kunzite gemstone is “Spodumene”.
  • The modesty of this gemstone lies in its transparency and its fine delicate pink nuances which often display a hint of violet.
  • Kunzite are elegant, tender hues, epicene(feminine) and seductive.
  • The carver must array the angle of the raw crystal very evenly during his work In view to make sure that the masterly fine color is shown to its full advantage,. The reason for depending on the angle of the raw crystal from which you look at a kunzite, it can emerge violet, pink or even colorless.
  • Immensely some kunzite are from Afghanistan display a rich, strong violet, a light violet and a light green depending on the angle of observation. In gemmology, this phenomenon is known as pleochroism, the meaning of which equates to ‘multi-colorlessness’.




  • By wearing kunzite the wearer are blessed with good fortune and Prosperity. Its soft toned colors demonstrate purity. It can also add up a sign of new life and is sometimes concerning as a symbol for pregnancy.
  • Kunzite is a calming, relaxation stone which Releases tension, discharge exceptionally soothing vibrations, denote a peaceful temperament
  • Kunzite appear with a very pleasant pink or violet gemstone it looks mystic .This gem helps in over coming with the wrong attitude and increase the level of tolerance and improve the interaction with others. The gem will also help the owner to understand others better
  • Kunzite stone makes a person live a new life and discharge him of all tensions. It also keeps a person calm. This gemstone symbolize of all forms of love. It helps a person to open his heart for everyone. It makes a person feel satisfied in every situation. It also makes a person familiarize to different situations.
  • Kunzite use to battle with feelings of inferiority, inhibition and depression.
  • Kunzite is splendid for the nerves and muscles of the shoulders and neck.It is also known to convenience tension of tight muscles. when you are out of control of your mind kunzite helps you to accept the situation and calm your mind
  • Kunzite stone signify straightforwardness that is it open your heart in front of others , by increasing the wearer’s tolerance, it will also help one from ongoing dispute friendships.
  • Kunziteis a classy gemstone for healing those who undergo from strain.



Healing Properties

  • The gentle energy of kunzite helps to release blocks in matters of the heart and allows one to move to a more receptive state.
  • Kunzite is an special wonderful gift stone, opening a silent communion of joy and delight.
  • Kunzitehelps in getting rid of many diseases. It protect nerves and muscles from getting hard. To be specific, it is good for neck and shoulder muscles. This Kunzite is also good for people who want to be relieved from stress and are in search of some peace of mind. This gemstone also helps in proper blood circulation and relieves a person from arthritis.
  • Purple Kunzite helps in maintaining a balance related to thyroid problem and hormonal changes.
  • Pink Kunzite helps in prevention for arthritis and joint pains. It is also beneficial to druggists and alcoholics.
  • Dreaming of kunzite help in avoiding unpleasant issue and to begin to solve them.
  • Wear Kunzite in direct contact with the skin for it’s most favorable healing qualities. For best effect placed directly on the affected area to mitigate the pain . Keep this stone under lukewarm water before use and then rejuvenate overnight in a bowl of dry hematite stones
  • Kunzite stone is favorable for the blood pressure, the heart, the lungs and the skin.
  • Kunzite helps hormone camouflage and improves the skin so the wearer has a more youthful presence.
  • kunzite gemstone is used for female sexuality and reproductive system issues.
  • Kunzite Gemstone helps to heal premenstrual tension and menstrual pain.
  • Pink kunzite is the Delicate stone which is an ideal precious stone for lovers; it is also popular as a healing stone.
  • Kunzite is said to build-up a person’s capacity for devotion and understanding and to deliver inner peace.



  • Kunzite is a relatively soft and delicate gem, and can pale after endure exposure to light, the existence color of kunzite makes it a popular gem.
  • Kunzite is mostly used as a pendant stone and as a large decorating stone on ornamental objects. It is less commonly used in rings, necklaces, or other jewelry items where small stones are required. Less transparent stones are sometimes cut into cabochons and beads.




  • Kunzite is mined in US, Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar and Afghanistan.
  • Kunzite is found in America, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Sweden, Pakistan and Western Australia.


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