COLOR : Emerald Green




ZODIAC SIGN : Cancer/Gemini/Virgo


About Emerald

  • Emerald is One of the most popular and desired the earliest known gemstones and was enrich as ornamental jewelry for thousands of years. Emeralds have been known for at least 6,000 years and during Ancient times.
  • The proper name for the emerald is beryl,but there are variety shades of beryl. Emerald green is the color as well as the stone. If the stone has too much blue in it, it is then an aquamarine.Pink beryl is Morganite, yellow beryl is golden beryl, yellow-green beryl is heliodor. There is also a rare red beryl.
  • Emerald is a delicate gemstone and is brittle.Black spots and filaments are often seen in it due to high presence of carbon in it.
  • Emerald gemstone is recognized by its black spot. In genuine emerald, cracks are often found, but it does not effect its utility.
  • Saraswati resembles Goddess of learning, sharpens the intellect of students, singers, dancers, and musicians by her grace on those who wear Emerald.
  • Emeralds increases eyesight, food grains, property, off springs and destroys black magic, bad effects by evil spirits and nightmares.
  • Emerald is said gift from a lover boosts the luck of the native.
  • An emerald of the right shade of green can be more valuable than a diamond
  • In the Christian faith it is the symbol of faith and hope.
  • By wearing emerald gemstone, a man can pacify mental disturbance. Emerald gemstone should be worn especially by diplomats, scientists, astrologers, teachers, architects medical personalities, doctors, businessmen, property dealers, publishers, accountants, engineers, writers, post officers, insurance officers and intellectuals. Emerald gemstone increases reasoning power, presence of mind and spiritual power.
  • An emerald of the right shade of green can be more valuable than a diamond.





  • The emerald is the pure stone of the goddess Venus.
  • It was considered to maintain love.
  • In ancient times, Emerald was considered as the symbol of hope. It is also known as the prediction stone. For some wearer the emerald acts as a anesthetic for a troubled mind.
  • Spring is the strongest time for the powers emits from emerald.
  • Lucky stone for love, give your lover an emerald to stay faithful.
  • Emerald is a stone of love and romance. It brings and enhances joy, cleansing, memory, and faith. It also benefits intuition and promotes truthfulness.
  • Emerald boost up loyalty and provides for domestic happiness. It reinforce unconditional love, unity and promotes friendship. If color changes it signifies unfaithfulness between partnership as well as keeps partnership in balance



Healing Properties


  • For the mind and the spirit, the curative use of emeralds has many positive attributes. It is said to diminish negativity and transform it into positive emotional energy.
  • It stabilizes, soothes, and offers a sense of security, harmony and a closeness to God. It increases one’s life purpose in relation to the universal plan, and aids in emotional life and life transitions.
  • It keeps the mind in excellent condition and also promotes a healthy memory.
  • Emerald heal disorders of the heart, lungs, spine and muscular system. It support in improvement after infectious illness, healing sinuses and soothes the eyes, enhancing vision.
  • Emerald are believed to bring good fortune and are used to kindle kindness and sympathy. They are also used to improve one’s intuition, thereby increasing one’s perception. They bring truthfulness and are symbols of love.
  • In history, emerald was believed to be able to control one’s passions and lusts. Today they represent the balance between Perfect Love and Perfect Trust while carrying the excellence of protection.
  • Emeralds have been used remedy for colic, burns, ulcers, headaches, tension, influenza, epilepsy, high blood pressure, heart disorders, cancer, skin disorders, dysentery, syphilis, fevers, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, asthma and anemia
  • Emerald is used by healers to help heal the heart. The power of the Emerald increase at the full moon.
  • Some cultures believe that the emerald would heal any disease of the eye. The emerald placed in a container of water overnight and the water would be splash on the eyes the next day.
  • It guards from evil spirits. Wearing an emerald on the body can reduce maternal pain of pregnant women.
  • Wearing of emerald is most useful in condition when man’s horoscope mercury is weak which causes many diseases like asthma, rheumatism, cough stammering, spondalysis etc.




  • Emeralds can be made into different shapes, but are most popular on rings, earrings, bracelets and amulet. Emeralds are usually less than 1 carat in size, due to the fact that larger size Emeralds will have addition or what is called jardin (gardens).
  • The treatment of emerald is done usually using oil before sold. Certain times rough Emeralds are sold, they will usually state they are unenhanced or natural.
  • It was also used for its supposive medicinal properties, to help promote overall health, cure dysentery, heal the heart and kidneys and to improve vision.
  • Emerald is very sensitive to pressure and banging, and the well-known emerald cut was developed specifically for this gem to reduce the amount of pressure during cutting.
  • Emerald lessens the chances of snake bite.




  • Emerald can also be found in India, Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe.


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