COLOR : Blue




ZODIAC SIGN : Virgo/Sagittarius


About Tanzanite

  • Tanzanite was first originated in Tanzania, Africa (1967).Tanzanite is associate with the zoisite family and is also said as blue zoisite. It’s color comes from the presence of vanadium.
  • It was discovered by the Vice President of Tiffany’s, which had exclusive rights to tell the stone originally.
  • Tanzanite crystals come in a number of colors including blue, purplish blue, colorless, yellow brown or grayish blue.
  • Tanzanite is an amazing self-exploration gift to give someone who is wanting to become more aware of their spiritual self




  • This stone activates several chakras from the heart to the crown and is used to link the mind with the heart.
  • Tanzanite is sometimes called the “workaholic’s stone”, this is due to the fact that this stone will help you slow down and take it easy. This in turn will bring success in more areas of your life.
  • It is very balancing for highly active people, mellowing out extremes in personality.
  • Tanzanite is a “stone of magic” that facilitates spiritual awareness and stimulates insight. It is also said to relieve depression.
  • Tanzanite is known to both eliminate and transmute negativity.
  • Transform negative energies into positive ones.
  • It allows to personize yourself rather than getting influenced by others



Healing Properties

  • Wearing tanzanite stone helps to Promotes kindness
  • Owner broaden alertness during meditation
  • Helps to cool an overactive mind
  • Brings on a peaceful understanding of one’s own heart
  • Tanzanite is helpful for stress related illnesses and high blood pressure.
  • Tanzanite it encourages cell regeneration, It will rebuild energy to the body, particularly the skin and hair.
  • It will delay down the aging process and increase the owner inner light.



  • Tanzanite is used mainly for ornamental jewelry and as mineral specimens.
  • Tanzanite, because of its rareness and beauty is very valuable, sometimes approaching diamonds for the very best color, size and attributes.
  • Tanzanite is a very well-known jewelry gemstone. It is used in bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.
  • It is rarely used in rings because of its relatively low firmness which makes it incline to scratches. Lesser quality stones are occasionally cut into cabochons.




  • source of Tanzanite is the Merelani Hills, Arusha, Tanzania.


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